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Workshop #4 Storage and preservation of scientific samples


Le 2 juillet 2024

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Ice Memory Law&Governance Chair
Protecting scientific collections and archives
Workshop 4/8: Storage and preservation of scientific samples

What is a scientific collection? What are the different types of collections (heritage, study, educational, secondary, etc.) at national and international level? What are the status and regime applicable to the scientific collections of a research laboratory or university? What are the differences between scientific collections and scientific archives?
Do the Ice Memory ice cores constitute a collection? If so, what type of collection is it? Do they constitue archives? If not, what is the legal status of these cores as a whole?

With :

- Catherine Cuenca: Honorary general curator at the CNAM-PICST (Paris) and the University of Nantes, member of the national scientific council of the PATSTEC mission, associate member of the HT2S laboratory (CNAM-Paris), President of the national association of heritage curators and museum and other public heritage professionals in France.

- Frédérique Bazzoni: General Curator of Heritage, Head of the Bureau for the Protection of Archival Heritage, member of UNESCO's French "Memory of the World" committee.


Why join us?
Provide answers to practical questions about property and legal framework on scientific heritage raised in the field of glaciology. These concepts will be approached from the angles of international environmental and scientific law.

Who can participate?
Glaciologists, researchers conducting research abroad, science, environmental and international law researchers.

Our working method:
These bi-monthly workshops will be organized from February to June 2024. The formula is based on 1 expert / 1h30. We address two questions, plus one general question linked to Ice Memory heritage.

Contact Ice Memory Law and Governance Chair: (theo[dot]abadie[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)



Le 2 juillet 2024
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5pm-6:30pm CET - On line


A distance

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